On weight loss & fit being fashionable

“I feel healthier and I love it. I’m in tune with my body. People confuse feeling healthy with looking the “right” size or having the perfectly placed curves.  Weight loss definitely gives you the latter but the health advantage of being fit is the ultimate goal. Women are seeking knowledge; more women are aware of the reasons that healthy living is important. Being fit is now fashionable. West African women are learning the importance of moderation. ”

On self-love & female empowerment

“Women need to appreciate themselves more, love themselves even more. A woman that loves herself knows that regardless of her skin color, weight or height, she is beautiful with greatness dwelling in her belly. I loved myself enough to realise that even though I shouldn’t be judged by my weight, obesity wasn’t allowing me to perform optimally”

On her 10,000 steps initiative

“60% of women in the world struggle with their body image. Most women are preoccupied with either being too fat or too thin. The goal of my 10,000 steps initiative is to help as many women as possible realise that everyone is beautiful in their vessel, and the most important thing is to stay healthy and fit. We can’t all be skinny, we can’t all be fat, but we can all be healthy.”

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