It’s the final days of campaign for the election of the GLP Party Presidential Candidate. Naana Akua Quansah along with her young ambitious campaign team gets set to jump their first hurdle in their arduous mission to get a young single mother elected into the highest office in the land, to become the first female President of Ghana. The first cracks of a tedious week rears its head very early in the morning of the team’s departure to their campaign lodge where the final leg of preparations will commence. From a missing candidate to a deadly fight, a sex video blackmail and the trade of narcotics, the sham of political campaigns takes full flight into what is about to be the most dramatic week of any election.

As the clock begins to tick, and the days draw nearer, Naana’s campaign team must deal with their personal demons and those that are orchestrated against them to win a seemingly lost election.

My Role

Joselyn Dumas plays Nana Akua Quansah. Nana has worked her way up to the top since her days in the University as SRC president. She’s a born leader, independent, thinking and rational.

A former campaign manager of the current president and ex-minister of state, she is determined to make history but not at the expense of playing dirty, until politics deal her a dirty blow.  When the gloves come off, the once coherent politician become The Master manipulator of The Game.